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President OTAI - Western zone

The Oil Technologists' Association Of India (OTAI), founded in 1943 is a premier organisation of technologists, research chemists, managers, engineers & industrialists working for the production, processing & research on oilseeds, oils, surfactants & allied products. The association functions through five autonomous zones. The activities of the zones & the central committees are co-ordinated by the OTAI headquarters at HBTI, Kanpur, India. OTAI publishes a quarterly journal namely The Journal Of Lipid Science & Technology.

The Oil Technologists' Association Of India - Western Zone ( OTAI - WZ ) was established in 1960 under the leadership of late Professor J. G. Kane. Over the last five decades, OTAI - WZ has grown from strength to strength. It has played an active role in furthering the objectives of the Association since inception. As of date, the zone has organised over 27 refresher courses & 34 seminars on national & international scale. Notable among them are the 50th Annual Convention ( Golden Jubilee Of OTAI ) along with International Seminar & Expo in 1995, Soaps, Detergents & Cosmetics Conferences in 2005, 2008, 2011 & 2014. The last National Seminar on " Latest Developments In Vegetable Oil Processing " was held at Mumbai in November 2012. Read More >>

Dr Prasad Nabar

Dr. Prasad Nabar

Hon President
OTAI Western Zone

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Chairman Steering Committee - FOIC 2019

I am pleased to inform you all that the Oil Technologists Association of India (OTAI), Western Zone, is organizing international Conference and Exhibition on Edible Fats and Oils (FOIC 2019) with a theme titled “Market Trends and Processing Technologies-Today and Tomorrow” during February 20-22, 2019 in Mumbai.

Considering India’s high dependence on import of vegetable oils to meet the domestic demand for food application, it is of great importance to encourage oil seed cultivation in the country and also to continuously improvise vegetable oil processing technologies to minimize refining wastages, better quality of the processed oil and prevent loss of naturally present nutrients in the oil. Today’s consumers are not only keeping them updated about health and nutritional aspects of the oil they use for cooking but their preferences also change from region to region. Considering enhanced consumer awareness, increased and strict regulatory requirements, it is important to bring all our vegetable oil industry members, technologists and regulatory agencies on a single platform to address these issues not only to ensure good economic health of this industry segment but also to give better healthy oils to our consumers.   Read More >>

Mr. Nadir Godrej


Managing Director,
Godrej Industries Ltd

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Conference Chairman - FOIC 2019

Oil Technologists Association of India (OTAI), Western Zone, the largest zone of the OTAI, is organizing international Conference and Exhibition on Edible Fats and Oils (FOIC 2019) during February 20-22, 2019 at hotel The Lalit, Mumbai. Theme of the conference is "Market Trends and Processing Technologies-Today and Tomorrow". Read More >>

Dr. B R Gaikwad

Dr. B. R. Gaikwad

Conference Chairman
Past President -OTAI

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Conference Convenor's Office - FOIC 2019

Global cooking Oils & Fats market size accounted for $61,399 million in the year 2017, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.12% to reach $66,260 million by 2022. Asia-Pacific represents the largest producer and consumer worldwide of oils and fats.

In India itself, we have installed capacity more than the production. However, in edible oil refining, the continuous effort to reduce overall production costs is mainly achieved by increasing plant capacities, and increasing the degree of automation. Alternative green food processing technologies have gained much technical and industrial attention in recent years as a potential means of reducing costs and promoting consumer awareness of corporate environmental responsibility. However, utilizing green principles is now becoming an effective business approach to enhance vegetable oil processing profitability.   Read More >>



Conference Convener

This International conference on "Edible Fats & Oils - Market Trends and Processing Technologies - Today and Tomorrow”…….

gives an overview of some process improvements and new developments that have recently been introduced in the edible oil refining industry. Some potential innovations, which are currently not yet applied, shall also be briefly discussed. The next‐generation technology enhancement in chemical refining with Nano-neutralisation, enzymatic degumming, bleaching, and deodorisation shall be deliberated.

The focus also would be to spread Increasing awareness among Indians on quality of Edible Oils they consume as well as Food fortification evolving as a compulsion.

Our conference theme as a technocrats from Industry is to ensure that, we have to think :

  • Together Towards Tomorrow
  • The Challenge of Change

What are our core values of this conference?

To encourage all round developments of proper processing and utilization of latest international technologies to Indian edible fats & oil Industry!

What do we bring to the table?

  • Our value proposition would be Edible Fats & Oil Industries, Project and Process Engineering Companies/Consultants, Plant & Machinery Manufacturers, Specialty Chemical Manufacturers, Analytical Equipment Manufacturers/Dealers are invited to participate in the Exhibition.
  • Special invitation will be extended to MNCs, foreign delegates and local industries exclusively for the exhibition to attract more visitors to the stalls
  • The conference will bring together global thought leaders and experts to divulge into the critical aspects of recent oil processing technologies.